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Advanced Wing Systems (AWS) of Australia and G Yacht Design (GYD) of Argentina are working together to bring the AWS wing sail to the mini transat fleet. Nicolas Goldenberg of GYD says that this is an exciting development to add on to the success of our RG650 Classe Mini series boat. “The AWS wing is an exciting development. It offers the structural advantage of a larger diameter mast section without the drag penalty. The larger diameter section means that the rig can be supported with less rigging and only a single set of spreaders. The unique way that the mast and sails work together to form the wing section combines aerodynamic and structural advantages unseen in other designs. The flexibility of the system and the ability for the wing to be reefed and stowed make it an ideal solution for ocean going yachts. With the ability to control camber, thickness and twist with only simple controls make it an ideal solution for short handed performance craft. We will offer the AWS wing as a retro fit to existing protos, or as part of a new proto design based on the successful RG650.” Greg Johnston of Advanced Wing Systems hopes that this will be the start of partnership which will see the AWS wing expand into other classes and designs. “While we are starting with a rig for the minis, the mast moulds will be able to be used for other similar sized craft as well. The design is flexible enough for us to be able to change the sail plan and still get excellent aerodynamic performance. The rig for the mini will use textile rigging but this is not a requirement. The rig will support fractional and mast head spinnakers. In full carbon the rig can be made at a very competitive weight and with less supporting rigging. The design is suited to craft of any size, but the minis are the obvious choice for a first production rig. We can tool up to produce much bigger masts. The design scales very well due to the relationship between the mast size and the sail size. Nico [Nicolas Goldenberg] has some very nice larger designs that would lend themselves nicely to the AWS system. ”

Carbon pre preg spar.


The first wing sail has been tested on the RG 650 and the K8 is the first boat to be designed for the wing.

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