RG650 – Series Mini 650


Length 6.50 m
Beam 3.00 m
1.60 m
Displacement 950 kg
Sail area up 42.00 m2
Sail area down 114 m2
Materials according to Classe Mini Rules.








The RG650 has been born as a direct result of the success of the No Koncept 695 and experienced gained in sailing and testing the boat to its limits. The vessel has been designed according to the Classe Mini requirements for series production boats. The boat features a highly refined chined hull for high speed reaching; its deck and interior arrangement has been ergonomically designed to provide comfortable and pleasant sailing. The appendages design has been optimised to match the vessel requirements providing a perfect balance between hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces. The design has been carried by using the best tools available, 3d modeling, velocity prediction software, CFD and FEA.


As established by Classe Mini, the hull material is monolithic glass with polyester resin, for the deck the class allows sandwich composites by the use of polyester resin, eglass fibers and core materials. The RG is built by using high quality resins, multiaxial e-glass fibers and the best core materials available. In order to achieve the best finish, low weight and the best standards the hull, deck, structural components and rudders are built over female moulds guaranteeing all boats to be identical along the production. A high performance boat such as the RG650 can only be achieved by a highly experienced and professional boat yard, RioTecna.


The RG 650, is the first series mini to be built in the Southern Hemisphere. The boat is available all over the world!

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