Mini 650 -No Koncept


Length 6.50 m
Beam 3.00 m
Draft 2.00 m
Displacement 880 kg
Ballast 360 kg
Sail area up 32.00 m2
Sail area down 113 m2
Materials E-Glass with carbon reinforcement sandwich, epoxy resin, vacuume bagged and heat cured.



The No Koncept has been designed according to Classe Mini requirements for prototype boats. The hull design has been specially refined for power reaching without neglecting upwind capabilities. The boat features a canting keel with twin asymmetric daggerboard arrangement. The design has been achieved by using cutting edge engineering tools including velocity prediction programs (VPP), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA).


In order to produce a high quality vessel the No Koncept has been built in laser cut one-off female moulds. The result was not only a better looking boat but a considerable reduction in weight by using considerably less amount of fillers and finishing materials. The hull and deck construction has been made in sandwich by the use of E-glass fabrics, carbon reinforcements, epoxy resin and core materials; this provided a stiffer hull while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. Its consolidation has been made by vacuum bagging and heat curing has been used to achieve better structural characteristics


The No Koncept, is the second Mini 650 in Argentina and the first to be professionally designed and build. In addition to this, it has been the first boat in the country to feature a square top main sail and the first to feature a composite canting keel structure. It is also the only canting keeler sailing in the Rio de la Plata


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