I approached G Yacht Design because I was in the market for a series mini650.

I was not looking for the average design or boat but I wanted a brand new innovative design that stood out from the rest, so that we could use it as a platform to promote our international brand of sailing hardware.

G Yacht Design was chosen, because the RG650 was everything we were looking for.

The design was clearly something special. Not only was the layout unique, but the more I sailed the boat, the more obvious it became, that these small conveniences, like superb handling, responsiveness and sea worthiness that I took for granted, were no accident.  A lot of thought, design and planning had gone into this concept, and they had nailed it!

G Yacht Design, were a pleasure to work with. They are open-minded, enthusiastic, and have a solid “can do” attitude, which will serve them well in their future success.  Even when project obstacles that I had created, hampered the result, the team at

GYD worked systematically through each challenge and never gave up on the end result.  Nicolas and his team went far beyond what they were asked to do. They are true yachting business professionals.

I would absolutely recommend G Yacht Design to anyone looking for innovative natural creativity, with a perfect balance of perfection and result driven focus.

Vernon Hultzer
General Manager
Wichard Inc.

When Advanced Wing Systems (AWS) and GYD teamed up to design the K8 Sportsboat there were a few challenges. Firstly, this was the first ever boat to be designed around the Semi Rigid Wing. Further, the design brief was to create a boat with leading edge performance but still easily sailed by a small crew. The challenges included matching the hull design to the parameters of the rig. Wings have quite different balance characteristics to conventional sails. They also generate more power. This had to be taken into account when considering the stability and hydrodynamic characteristics of the boat. Working closely with AWS, GYD produced a design that has met the design challenges with innovation and flexibility of thinking. The K8’s performance has met expectations and is punching above its size. So onto the next challenge – the AWS650, an upgrade performance version of the RG650. Then more to come! I can highly recommend GYD.

Greg Johnston – Advanced Wing Systems

I first connected with Nicolas through his work on Minis and the K8. I chose to approach GYD and Nicolas from some of the leading designers in the market. Fortunately, he resonated immediately with the philosophy of my proposal.
I have been developing the ANZ650 design for more than 7 years, and Nicolas has played a key role in the resolution of the challenge. Nicolas has really helped to develop my design, and I have given him complete freedom in decisions and proposed innovations. His extensive experience in construction and new technologies are proving to be essential.